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1.Please supply the text portion of your submission via email and include a short autobiographical note; we can accept Microsoft Word(TM) files only. Send to:

2. All articles and reviews must be original and must not infringe any existing copyright or any other rights of any third party.

3. Preference will be given to original work; previously published work can only be accepted if accompanied by the original publisher’s explicit consent; simultaneous submissions will not be accepted. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that case material, where applicable, preserves client confidentiality and that publication is subject to appropriate consent.

4. References should conform to the Harvard referencing system; the accuracy of referencing is the responsibility of the author.

5. Articles should be approximately 2,500 words in length, excluding references.

We are unable to accommodate footnotes or endnotes.

6. All submissions will be considered; inclusion and editing to ensure consistency with publication policy will be at the editors’ discretion.



1.  Please supply the text portion of your submission via email and include a short autobiographical note; we can accept Microsoft Word(TM) files only. Send to:

2. Contemporary Psychotherapy welcomes reviews across a broad range of issues, from those to do specifically with psychotherapy and counselling to more general topics given a contemporary, integrative psychological perspective.

3. Reviews should comprise 500-1100 words

4. You don’t have to be an expert or possess any special qualifications and we particularly welcome lively and honest opinions.

5. While we wish to encourage originality, we should appreciate it if you would bear in mind the following guidelines:

i. Choose books that are likely be of interest to the integrative practitioner, whether working in psychotherapy/counselling or in related areas such as education or social services. We also welcome film/DVD/exhibition reviews that deal with therapy or psychological issues.

ii. Reviews in Contemporary Psychotherapy serve two main purposes:

– To inform readers of the existence of a title.
– To evaluate and comment on content and approach so that readers can decide whether a title is likely to be interesting, relevant or useful.

iii. Aside from a general description of content we believe readers are interested in:

Readability: How well a book is written.
Structure: How information is organised and presented.
Innovation: Whether the book breaks new ground or takes a new approach.
Recommendation: Your assessment of the overall value of the book/film

Electronic images and graphics – eg tables and diagrams – can be accepted in jpeg format only.

When reviewing photos and graphics for potential publication, Contemporary Psychotherapy editorial staff will focus on the overall impression conveyed, the creativity of motifs and the implementation of ideas as well as on technical quality and artistic language.

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