Look out for…

This issue presents three URLs that have the potential of being useful to researchers.

The first, by Michael D Anestis, M.S., provides two of his papers published online and a video of his argument that there have been inadequate conclusions from some of the research comparing CBT with short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. One of his papers is entitled:

Wading through a sea of bad science: A closer look at a meta-analysis comparing long-term and short-term psychotherapy

Scroll down to hear his argument in the video at:

The second, the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, provides a massive list of embedded definitions and explanations for researchers or others to interrogate.

The third is the Researcher Developmental Initiative (RDI) funded by the Econimic & Social Research Council (ESRC); it provides quick links to research methods, surveys and research data, as well as dates of courses provided free of charge in the UK through to next year, 2011.

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