What causes therapists to despair about their work? What can we do to help restore fading empathy? Do we take home feelings that we have no more to give?

There is evidence that those of us who work with distressed people can often suffer from forms of emotional exhaustion, a deficit in empathy that can also impact upon our own personal relationships. This issue offers some resources for managing this phenomenon, highlighting what it can mean for therapists in particular and suggesting coping strategies to help individuals achieve more balance in their lives.

The Cost of Caring
A PowerPoint demonstration from Roger Higgins, senior lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), outlining strategies for self-care click here to go straight to the PowerPoint item.

A User’s Guide to Psychotherapy
Using the findings of the 2008 Psychology Today survey, US psychologist Ryan Howes describes ways in which we can treat ourselves when we feel the burn. Click here.

Specifically for those who work with trauma
Self-Care for Trauma Psychotherapists and Caregivers: Individual, Social and Organizational Interventions – an academic paper by Dr. Donald Meichenbaum, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo, Canada conf.pdf

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