Issue One Editorial

Welcome... the first issue of Contemporary Psychotherapy - an e-journal for psychotherapists of all modalities. Contemporary Psychotherapy is a new space in which to explore therapeutic topics: a forum for debate where we can all clarify existing knowledge and create new ideas for our own learning and in the interests of our clients. The journal has been in preparation for almost a year. During this time we have been working to create a journal with a unique character which will offer our readers interesting articles and reviews, stylish design and artistic photographs. We hope you like our approach.

These are interesting, albeit anxious times. No one yet knows how our work, our profession, our clients and we ourselves will be affected by forthcoming regulation or the worldwide economic crisis. Increasing our awareness of our changing socio-political environment and stimulating us to respond by further developing the therapeutic craft is one of the aims of Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Inside you will find a number of leading therapists’ views on the future of psychotherapy and a suggestion that the thinking of Nikolai Berdyaev, a Russian ‘post-atheist’ philosopher, could enhance our understanding of the therapeutic process. We hear from Canada how GPs there determine which therapy to suggest to patients, get a sense of NHS liaison psychiatrists’ attitudes towards psychosomatic disorders and psychotherapy and discuss the provision of counselling for people in exile. And there is more, including film and book reviews.
The journal is in PDF format, so it can be downloaded or read on screen. This offers considerable flexibility enabling you to print in black and white or in color, in its entirety or by article …and it’s free!

We invite you to tell us what you think of Contemporary Psychotherapy; we are keen to learn from you and we would welcome your letters and comments - as well as your articles and creative images.

Best wishes

Werner Kierski


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