November 28, 2014

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Welcome to Contemporary Psychotherapy. With the
professional community of psychotherapists and Cover no 11
counsellors in mind, Contemporary Psychotherapy
aims to be progressive, inquiring and creative, to
encourage interactive debate with its international
readership and to address rather than avoid the
possibly contentious.

Update: Winter issue 2014 out soon!

Volume 6 no 1 Summer 2014

Editorial Lynda Woodroffe
The Struggle to Succeed  Martin Milton
Permanently Cheated  Debbie Daniels 
Bodywork  Paula Charnley
NLP and CBT Richard M Gray & Frank Bourke
It’s my Turn Tina Fuller
Balancing Heaven and Earth  Simon Howes 
The Healing Myth Uta Blohm
Notes From The Margins Brad McLean
Her Jacqueline Lucas Palmer
Marion Milner Andrew Russell
Griselda Pollock Polly Mortimer
Counselling Norman Claringbull
Mind Maps Lynda Woodroffe
Death and Resurrection David Slattery

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