Sunday, December 17th 2017

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Welcome to Contemporary Psychotherapy. With the professional community of psychotherapists and counsellors in mind, Contemporary Psychotherapy aims to be progressive, inquiring and creative, to encourage interactive debate with its international readership and to address rather than avoid the possibly contentious.

Volume 9 No 1 Summer 2017


Editorial Lorraine Quinn
Boredom In The Countertransference Nicole Scott
Caring for the Carers Fiona Dunkley
Lessons from the Maytree Ben Scanlan
The Myth of Sleeping Beauty Wendy Hammond

Creating Freedom Beth Glanville
Psychotherapy 2.0: Tim Bond
Wounded Leaders Nicholas Houghton
HyperNormalisation  Ben Gatty
Days of Abandonment Lynda Woodroffe

Conference Report
Other Psychotherapies Polly Mortimer

Image: The sadness of La Muerta by Narshada


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