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Mindfulness is a practice often recommended by psychiatrists and psychotherapists to help patients/clients to cope with difficult situations, to calm their minds and to have something to work with at times of panic. These three videos offer, first, an explanation of mindfulness and how it works, second, a guide to how to practice it and, third, how it could be of benefit to children.

Mindfulness Explained

An explanation of mindfulness through a one-hour lecture by Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University (click here)

Mindfulness in Practice

Created at the Centre for Mindfulness Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, this video guides you through a Mindfulness practice over a duration of one hour. Sitting/Breathing – Guided Mindfulness Meditation (click here)

Mindfulness with Children

This video will show you how children can be helped to learn to manage their difficult feelings. Mindful Change from an Early Age (click here)

Image: Auditorium by Andreas Levers

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