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I am an independent researcher who brings a new perspective to the scientific study of humanity. As a parent, I ask questions such as ‘why do we call parents Mother and Father?’ and ‘do countries exist?’ I believe psychotherapy has an important role in helping us answer these questions.

I am from the Canary Islands (Spain), where I studied physics, played the guitar and marvelled at the natural and human world. My interest in northern cultures led me to the UK and eventually Finland, where I worked as a musician for many years. Today I combine family life with my passion for knowledge.

My academic work began with an exploration of mental illness as a natural response to a sick society. I presented these thoughts at the conference of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry in Madrid, 2017; and in the form of articles published by the Finnish psychoanalytic journal Psykoterapia.

Since then, I have been actively researching and publishing on various topics that fall outside the current interdisciplinary boundaries, as evidenced by years of communications with experts. My presentation at the London University of Arts on Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, for instance, explained the psychoanalytic message of the film by drawing on the anthropology of kinship.

My general mission is to repair the ongoing Platonic fragmentation of knowledge by bringing more awareness of ordinary phenomena such as language, money and relationships. I manage an independent research project that is devoted to filling this gap between academia and the layperson.

I am always interested in discussing these ideas and encourage you to get in touch through my website. You can write for and be part of the conversation!


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