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An interview with Anthony Kingsley, Alexander Technique teacher and psychotherapist

A supplement to our interview with Ilana Machover that shows how Alexander Technique can enhance psychotherapy

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In the year of the Olympics in London, we have an article about the importance of football (soccer) to a therapist’s client and have additionally selected two short videos concerned with visualisation techniques and their effect on success in competitive sports.

Visualisation – Mental Rehearsal

A young gymnast practises her high bar routine through visualisation.

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Sport Psychology and Mental Training

Successful Olympians discuss imagery and visualization as part of a mental training videotape produced by the Coaching Association of Canada; it shows Canadian athletes who practised visualization to help them “be the best that they can be” and went on to become Olympic champions. Despite being quite old, this video remains relevant to sports people today.

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Image: Auditorium-by-96dpi (Andreas Levers)


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